Flex Direction

This tutorial Flex-flow explains that

flex-direction: row and flex-wrap: wrap

is the same as

flex-flow: row wrap

but since row is default and therefore you don’t have to specify it by writing

flex-flow: row wrap

to the rule where default is row should this be avoided and therefore type

flex-wrap: wrap

Hello @Stribor45,

Is there a question?


It’s shorter so use it:)

It addresses the value you want to change without changing anything else so is a better choice.

If flex direction was column then the first rule would have been better to revert back to row and also to wrap.


I apologize, Stribor45. I read that line as “this should be avoided” - as if it were a statement about flex-flow - instead of a question “should this be avoided”. A question mark at the end of the line might have helped, but I should have read more closely anyway. Sorry.

Thanks for reply and I appreciate you guys trying to help :slight_smile:

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