Flehx Hosting

My Review of Flehx Hosting, in short, they are great, have excellent server speeds, and have NEVER experienced down time.


  • Fast, American based support. (Very important to me)
  • They seem to have knowledgeable staff members in all of the popular areas, php issues, database setup, etc…


  • Does no offer reseller. (However, I feel this allows them to focus more on the finer things0

All in all, Flehx Hosting is an honest and genuine company. After having ran my own hosting business for a short while, I wanted a small startup in order to really test the limits. Never once has Flehx Hosting feel short on my support requests or conflicts. (however, my requests are coding questions mainly)

Unlike many new hosts that offer you ‘unlimited’ this and ‘unlimited’ that, Flehx Hosting doesn’t lie to you and only offers you what you really need. I couldn’t be happier.

I felt I should update this post, as I’ve recently left them for a more secure and solid host.

It turns out that Flehx started having down time and password issues. However, it may have been a solitary issue.

The servers of Flehx Hosting are equipped to block viruses and they provides a server side spam filtering also.

I find it weird that a host offers you coding help. lol Good to know someone is going above and beyond though. Nice review :wink: