Flashy Graphs Sans Flash

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It’d be great… if it had ANY documentation.


I noticed that your graph has eleven pieces of data in its data array, and eleven names for the legend to display. However, your graph only seems to be displaying seven. I’m having a similar problem, in that my own graph is only display ten out of eigtheen sectors. What is causing this?


Very cool demo. Love the highlighting effect.

Really great examples Alex, and I know this was more a technical how to style article, but I couldn’t help myself. From a reporting users perspective people, pretty pretty please stop with all the pie charting.

Sure they’re pretty, but bar graphs and line graph give you so much more insight.

How many times with pie chats do you just end up looking at the data labels, rather than the image, and those teeny tiny wedges, how do you get anything from looking at them?

Data tables, line graphs and bar graphs give you so much more IMO.

There are some excellent examples on their own site. This is one good example.

Especially when you see the source code is just a table.

Can you imagine how impressed a client would be if you gave them that!

The HTML source code is just a table. The JavaScript source code just for that specific graph is a mess I can’t begin to decipher. I gave gRaphael a look, but spending an hour studying an example as the only way to even start building my own graph was just too much. I ended up going back to a documented Flash graphing package.