Flash Shockwave flash Object

What kind of program or Software would i use to open and edit a “Flash Shockwave Flash Object” file? Is there any free recommended software to download on the net to open and edit such file?

No. You need the original .fla source file to open and edit. Adobe Flash is the application used to create and edit these, which then compiles to a non-editable .swf file

Thanks EastCoast. I am a newbie in Web design.
Please if i purchase the Adobe flash, how can i use it to edit a Shockwave flash object file? Steps needed please.
Secondly, could you be specific on Adobe Flash to purchase?

No, Flash can only edit a .fla file. What you have is a .swf file. To convert a .swf back to a .fla you’ll need a third party decompiler application. If you search this forum, decompilation has been discussed many times before.