Flash Script - Ray of Light

I did as was told and no it doesn’t work.
I think you actually have to create a graphic of the text and put the movie clip of the text on top of the graphic.

Anybody who wants a quick solution (commercial though); see “Ray of light Y” and “Ray of light Y heavy” I developed for Supreme4 effects … check http://www.patrickjansen.net/components/s4demo.htm

doesn’t work, tutorial not complete

Dear Friends:

In this example of “rays of light” all action script, text and light is in outside. I wanted to put all three layers into a “movie clip” so that I can run it throughout my movie. Because in some other layers I have some other animation. Please help me to do this.Valuable reply to y_nakhuda@yahoo.com I am really very thankful for the valuable time u spent for me

Yeah so you say to name the movie clip “ray” and in your source file you named it “ray0” way to confuse every person who would read this

Tutorial was great… i had to modify to make it work in action script 2 and flash 8! Fantastic though if people couldnt understand this tute, then maybe they should move to a lower level of flash…

the actionscript used is a little old, i updated it to this which does the exact same thing but more modernly(is that a word?)

i = 1;
alpha = 0.8;
maxlight = 20;
while (i<=maxlight) {
	Ray = duplicateMovieClip("ray", "ray"+i, 800-i);
	this["ray"+i]._xscale = this["ray"+i]._yscale = this["ray"+(i-1)]._xscale+i*alpha;
	this["ray"+i]._alpha = 10-i*(0.5/50);
	i += 1;
ray0._visible = false;


How can I get the “ray of light” script to work as a button? I’d like the ray to animate on the roll over. I’ve been away from flash for a while now and just getting back into it so please be kind :blush:

I’ve tried exporting as a swf and importing but it doesn’t seem to work, I just get static text. The swf file when previewing on its own, does animate perfectly.

Any pointers, please let me know


Thanks you. thanka you. thanka you.

Is there an action script 2.0 (Flash 9) version of this?
I need to incorporate something similar in a web page.
Or how can i modify this to work for me?

Hi Forum

I am doing the “Ray of Light” tutorial ( http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Special_Effects/Ray_of_L-Mark_Fen-1/more3.php ).
But the problem I am having could involve any task where you have text and you want to deal with each letter artistically.

The steps involves typing out a word and then: "The first step is to break the text into individual objects, use CTRL+B to do that. This turns the letters into fills. " Well, when I did this, it turned them into individual letters. Is that the same thing as “fills”?

Later, I am to change a letter into a symbol by pressing F8. I try that and I see in the properties tab that it is still a statis text.

Please help.

The script is gud bt… its running continuously & i cnt continue wit the animation…