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I thought it was a good idea to make a new Flash resource thread, in a similair style as the Design resource thread

It’s a combination of links found in the old .swf thread, other sites and links i have been gathering over the last 2 months since i started working at my new (flash) job.





Open Source

Actionscript general

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Introduction

Communicating with other languages (php/xml/javascript)

How to fix the “Click to activate” issue in IE



Game development

Drawing (actionscript)

Flash Usability







Flash Accessibility

I run a Flash blog which may be of interest to some people. Focus is solely on Flash. http://www.ahrooga.com.


this thread just got a whole lot stickier :<

edit: the old thread for those who want to look through it, even though many things might be out of date.

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may be flashkit.com deserves to be in your list too :wink:

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Brilliant been looking for some using PHP with Flash tutorials. Thanks a lot dude, much appreciated.

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how bout adding the flash script gallery?


That does look like a very nice gallery script, added to the list :slight_smile:

Also added these 3.



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I wonder if you would consider adding our free flash media player? I’m not normally one to blow my own trumpet but this player has been getting very good comments and is used by a lot of satisfied people.

In any case, thanks for the list.

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Maybe you might consider going through the Flash FAQ and updating that for us too? :wink:

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Sweet…I can just import the source of the page as a bookmark folder (named Flash) to Firefox. Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

Off Topic Suggestion: Use Xenu Link Sleuth on an exported bookmark file occassionally to be sure you no longer have dead links in your bookmarks. :slight_smile:

Useful links:

Attention Firefox users: Grab our Firefox Quick Search plugins and you can
search the ActionScript.org Forums, the Library, etc. directly from Firefox!

FlashKit’s FlashFoundry.com provides more than 100,000 professional Flash components, templates, videos, animations and audio files, all for one subscription fee. This huge compilation of immediately usable .SWF and .FLA files contains thousands of variables and options.

  • Jits

Both of them where already on the list :wink:


If you think my Flashmatics Resources Library - www.experiments.flashmatics.co.uk is worthy :rolleyes: , would be great to see it on the list too …


I think another useful link is http://www.trainsimpleonline.com ~ they have a ton of Flash 7 Actionscript training videos.

Tijmen, maybe you want to add www.FFILES.com.

Done :wink:

And not that long ago i also added SWFaddress to the list.

SWFAddress is a small script that sits on top of SWFObject and provides deep linking for Flash websites and applications. In other words it enables the Back, Forward and Reload buttons of the browser and creates unique URLs with page titles that can be sent over email or IM.

I would add MovieClip Tweening Prototypes