Flash plays fine in preview, won't play on server

Oh, Flash, my eternal nemesis…

Situation: I built an HTML page that has three flash files embedded into it. The first go round, while working out other bugs, I used a single .swf file copied and renamed a couple times for basic differentiation, and all three pointed to the same .xml file for their behavior. I got the test page loaded, and all was swell.

Then, I went back and using the .fla from which the test .swf’s were created from, created three new flash files and told each one to point to a different .xml file (these are rotating image galleries, pointing to different galleries in their own folders). Export movies, load them into the page. In the browser preview, everything works dandy. However, when I upload the whole kit and kaboodle to the server, the movies don’t play.

I can point directly to the .swf’s in my browser and they play from the server just fine. All the images are there, they behave like they should. However, in the context of the page they are supposed to be viewed in, nothing.

They’re in the same location locally as they are on the server. Is there some sort of pointing syntax that would work fine on my local machine, but that the server couldn’t make sense of? Do the .swf and .xml files have to be in the root folder? Is there something else I’m missing?

I hope you guys can help… This is driving my batty. >_<

Oh, the joy of debugging flash …

It sounds like the flash is looking for the XML file in the wrong place.

There is a plugin for Firefox called Live HTTP Headers that will show you exactly what HTTP requests are made, and will thus also show you what XML the flash is requesting.

Install that and see if the request the flash is making for the XML file is correct.

Ok, I got the plug-in, and I’m trying to make sense of it all. But so far, the files that it’s saying it can’t find are on the server, right where it says they aren’t. Sigh

Edit: Success! I…don’t even know what I did to fix it, because it didn’t seem any different from what I was doing yesterday. But now it works, and that’s all that matters… Thanks for the plug-in though!