Flash object will not play

My flash object will not begin to play when loaded into an html page, even using

param name="play" value="true"

I am making a scrolling banner like the html <marquee> tag that loads text from a .txt file. Here is what I have so far:


var formatObj = new TextFormat();
formatObj.size = 15;
formatObj.color = 0;
formatObj.font = "Comic Sans MS";
formatObj.bold = false;
loadVariables("news.txt", this);
text[undefined] = undefined;


stop ();
var x = read_txt.textWidth + 10;
this.createTextField("display_txt", 0, 631, 0, x, 30);
display_txt.text = read_txt.text;
onEnterFrame = function ()
    display_txt._x = display_txt._x - 2;
    if (display_txt._x <= -x)
        display_txt._x = 631;
    } // end if

Hope these help -

i belive the stop(); command is stopping the animation.

I am confused why it only works with the stop command and how can i make the marque scroll automaticlly by starting the timeline with the play(); command?