Flash object on a page within Iframe not displayed correctly across browsers


I have an iframe on my page. In that iframe I display a page from another domain with some zoom out. On that page there is a Flash object.

When I open my page on different browsers, here is what happens:

Firefox 18.0: Does not display the Flash object.
Chrome 23.0.1271.97 m: Displays Flash object.
Safari 5.1.7: Displays the Flash object but it is displayed out of the iframe (over all other elements) and in its original size.
Opera 12.11 : Displays the Flash object but in its original size which is no good since I am using zoom out on the iframe.
IE 8: Same with Opera.

I feel that it will be impossible to make it look like how Chrome displays it (10 points to Chrome), so I was wondering if it is possible to not display Flash objects in an iframe so that all browsers will act like Firefox.