Flash object moves/blurs on scroll down - Why?

Hi all,
Ive created a very basic Flash transition of some images placed in my header, the only browser that has doesnt render them 100% perfectly is the latest version of safari (Im using windows 7 if thats any help)
What happens is when you use the scroll bar to move down the page, the flash object is, how do I best describe this… jumps out from its original position by a few pxls vertically positive and negative and blurs - does that make any sense ??

Not sure why its doing this, as its not recreating the same issue in the latest version of firefox/ IE 9 or opera…

Any help greatly appreciated


hmmm, whats the width of the flash movie? if its set to 100% it could be interacting with the scroll bar in some way.
You could try publishing the flash movie at a smaller width - not touching the right hand side of the browser and see if that solves the problem.

Hi there Joe,
the flash file is 300px in width contained within a 960px parent container, and off the top of my head theres 1 or 1.5em of right margin, I put a pink border around the flash object and zoomed down to see if it broke out of 960px width container, and it didnt… Its completely baffled me as to why its only doing it in Safari and no other browser… ?

Do you have an example url?

This might be quite tricky as the site is offline at the mo, and Ive used a small image repeated across the across the breadth of the viewport for the header, then my flash object is located centrally in the viewport on top of the background-image with a width of 955px by 100px in height, so its not near either left/right edge of the viewport nor is it infact the same size as the parent container its located in as that is 960px by 155px.

If anybody want to PM me, I can send them over a zipped folder of the whole site, which you can gladly open your end in safari to see the problem Im getting…

Ref image attachment below, I was just starting to upload the files when I found out it was not possible to upload a swf file so apologies for the image on its lonesome…