Flash movie acting really strange only in IE7

Hi Sitepoint,

I’m currently developping a site in HML5 & CSS3 & I’m starting to get the layout properly in IE 8,7 & 6

But I’m getting a really strange flash effect in IE 7 only (not in IE 6 strangely).

The flash maps tweens & resizes the whole time.
I really have no clue how it happens.

I’ve tried to give it fixed width & height (instead of 100% width & em height) but that that didn’t solve it either.

Some technical info.
Flash is embedded with jquery tools (never had problems with it before)
Data imported with JSON (never had problems with that either).
This is the first time I try to embed a flash movie in a fully flexible site however, problem might be here somehow.

If you could have a look at it & share your thoughts, I’d be eternally grateful :slight_smile:


Cheerz, Fré

Nevermind, seems flash was not correctly installed on my virtual machine & somehow it still showed the flash movie in a strange way.