Flash Media Streaming Server Questions

I found this product on the Adobe website, and it seems interesting.

I am interested in streaming video through Flash applications for some of our clients, and this seems like the way to go, but had a few questions I wanted to ask to anyone that’s used it.

  • What is the difference between a Flash Media Streaming Server and a Flash Media Interactive Server (besides the cost)?
  • When should one consider switching to a Flash Media Server?
  • Is it easy to setup and deploy on an Apache server?

Streaming server doesn’t have recording capability or most of the interactive features.
You’d consider using it if you really need the extra features provided beyond what you can do with normal progressive download ‘streaming’
It’s easy to install on a windows server, a bit trickier on linux. It now has an in built apache engine of its own so you need to be careful they don’t clash.

Once your files are encoded into the proper format, Flash Media Server software enables you to stream them to your viewers over the web. Flash Media Server is available in two scalable editions: Flash Media Interactive Server for streaming applications with real- time,multiway communication and Flash Media Streaming Server for simple streaming applications. Both editions enable the delivery of protected,high-quality live and on-demand video with encrypted streaming support and no file caching. With built-in live and video on demand services,it’s easy to get started streaming right out of the box.

Ref : http://www.adobe.com/products/flashmediaserver/