Flash Gallery and Password Protect

Hey guys…

  1. I have a js script running my password protect, but if someone checks the source code, it says exactly what the user and pass is for each account! How do I get one that works??? I noticed one site that has both things I’m looking to do… hydroreo(.com). He has a login, but I can’t see user/pass info…

  2. I want a gallery to flash just like on hydroreo(.com). I have Dreamweaver CS4 and there was an extension for a gallery (from webstunning.com) and it is cool, but it isn’t working properly and I can’t figure it out… I would prefer to just keep it as simple as possible. It is a site for a drywall guy, so he wants to show before and afters like this guy did on this hydroreo site. But I would like people to manipulate the photos as well (enlarge, etc.).

I love you guys (you complete me:lol:) - thanks for all the help and keep it up!!!:cool:

You can’t hide JavaScript. It’s better to use something like PHP. Requires a bit of knowhow, though. This is complex stuff. You probably need to use a CMS that has features like this built in.

  1. I want a gallery to flash just like on hydroreo(.com).[/quote]

There are lots of JavaScript galleries for doing this, like those using jQuery.

I love you guys (you complete me:lol:) …

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