Flash expand window

You’ve seen these web sites like espn, cnn and others that has a flash window that expands with content in it. It also allows you close the expansion.

Does anybody know where you can find or learn about that script? Is that part of the fcommand?


Thank you for that.

there are many sites for tutorials

for php you can go to php.net.
for flash there is are many site check out http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=414497 where you can find many resources.

Thanks for that.
How do you hide the div tag? You just don’t put it in? Can you go into a little more details.

So does’ this flash movie require two movie clips? I’m thinking when you create the small banner size one. Then it expands.

Is there anywhere I can learn more about this?


I looked at some of your work, you do good work. I currently studding to be a good web designer. I’m looking for a good php mysql tutorial. I’m a pretty good designer with Dreamweaver, flash, photoshop and css actionscript 3. But looking to get better. I’m having problems finding a good tutorial on php and mysql. I just want to learn to format the scripts.
And Joomla also.


they are just hiding the div when on button click event.

Initially transparent flash object comes in and plays the animation.