Flash enabled websites...are they annoyance for some visitors?

I have been considering using Adobe’s Flash on my website, since I will have Multimedia content, as well as other kind of graphical content. I am amazed at what Flash can do. Is this considered an annoyance to some visitors? This is something they may have to additionally install. My target audience are adults (around 18-40 years old).

I can imagine some people could be ignorant about Flash and not want to install it. Sites that I personally don’t like blink all kind of stuff with it. I realize there are alternatives to that kind of effect. JQuery can do much of the same things, having read about them before, except to my understanding, it can’t do 3D stuff as much as Flash can do. Nor, for that matter, [URL=“http://www.dojotoolkit.org”]Dojo can.

I would at least like to create examples of Flash on my site for educational purposes, as well as other tools. Education will mostly be my theme.

There are flash blockers available for some browsers (eg. Firefox and Opera) so that people can have flash installed but only actually run it when they want.

With the blocker installed all you see when you first visit the page is a small image in the middle of where the flash goes. If you went to the page to view the flash then you click the image to enable it. If you weren’t expecting the flash then you ignore it and if the page doesn’t work without it you leave.

Since the actionscript that flash uses is very similar to JavaScript there isn’t really anything one can do that the other can’t.

The vast majority of people have flash installed, and will happily use it. Like any web technology, it can be used or abused but as long as you stick with good practices of interactivity then it can be a great tool, particularly in creating multimedia or online learning assets.