Flash ecommerce


Looking to build a very simple flash ecommerce site - it’s basically a choice between two customisable products, with the customer then applying various colours for different parts of their chosen product (and being able to view the colour changes), and a few other customisations like size. Each product is the same set price, with an option of an additional delivery cost. The order is then sent through with details of the customised product to either paypal or google checkout to reduce backend development cost (although I’m open to other alternatives). I’m experienced in Flash, albeit rusty, having not worked in Flash for a few years now. As it’s visual it needs to be done in Flash, although a cms or flat html pages will take care of the rest of the site. Just wondering, any pointers to online tutorials or similar that may give me insights into Flash ecommerce as I’ve yet to strike gold. Thanks…

I love using Actionscript and Flash… and let me say: I would avoid a Flash eCommerce site.

What I would do is create the customization thing with Flash, just like you would normally. Then, when you click the order button, it would call a page and pass along the information of what they generated to a good ol’ HTML and PHP page to handle the rest. Then you can go with any general eCommerce thing.

Doing the eCommerce portion itself in Flash (meaning the whole taking money, etc) thing would basically involve calling PHP files from Flash, reading their input, doing stuff, back and forth. It’d get very ugly and annoying very quickly.

Probably why there aren’t really any tutorials out there.

It’s pretty much the same as calling any other web page with Flash, since Flash is client side and PHP is server side, the PHP is always processed by the time Flash gets it’s hands on it.

That sounds like a good direction to take as it gives me more flexibility with choosing a backend. Admittedly, I’ve never used php with Flash so that will be the next technicality to look into.