Flash detection fail

I’ve been asked to help out on a problem with a site built with the Kohana framework, but it’s not really my area, and I’ve tried everything I can think of so far.

The problem: A flash movie on the home page will not display in IE, it seems to not detect the player and displays the default “download flash” button. I am using the swfobject Javascript to implement the Flash object. You can see the problem with IE here:


BUT, I made a test page, using the same code as the homepage but static, at the root level here:

test page

And the Flash displays fine in the same browser/machine that was giving me the problem on the actual home page. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling Flash.

I don’t really know php, I’m wondering if there’s some conflict with the php framework or some other javascript being used. (I tried to systematically remove all other javascript links in the head of the docuent to try and eliminate the problem, but nothing seemed to make the flash appear).