Flash CS6 Design

Hello All, I have been reading a tutorial in regards to creating a login form with mysql and php. In this tutorial it states i should open a new as.file and fla file. Save the as.file as main.as in a new folder called actions. Then save the fla file in the root folder of the application and give it a class name.
Im new to Flash so i know this may sound like a really dumb question but, how do you create a folder called actions in the as file? In the library panel i clicked on the new folder icon but it wont open.
One further thing. i written some code in the as file. Pressed ctrl+enter nothing happens. Obviously im doing something wrong. Interested to hear your thoughts. If you have any questions plz ask me because i know it may sound a bit complicated.

in fact to explain all the process will take a lot over here, so you can check this :


Download the Source files on this tutorial, open the required files to edit and here you are… thsi way you will get it easily…

Thnaks deadmix for providing me the link. A big help!