Flash cs5 AS3 Errors in IE 7 & IE 8

hi friends,
i having little issue in flash cs5 im using AS3. below is the list my approach.

  1. Loading External SWF on a Movieclip
  2. Each SWF have different Movieclips
  3. Main Movie controlls/interact with the loaded External SWF Movieclips
  4. Each SWF have its loader code to show percentage loading
  5. Main Movie have buttons to load External SWF’s on a MC.

I am having a issue on load of main movie, im loading external swf the same swf will load on click also. navigating user to SWF’s and intereact event prompting errors in Output of flash for your reference i have attached the flash files and error msg fro IE7/IE8 browsers FF and IE6 works well.

Please help me,