Flash closes when I try to import images

Hi there,

I’m trying to import images from Fireworks into Flash. I can import the first image no problem, but when I import a 2nd image Flash just closes out, without saving my work. I thought this might be a glitch with my software, so reinstalled but this didn’t help. Is this a known problem, or am I doing something daft?

(I’m afraid I’m using Flash MX - I will upgrade as soon as I can afford to!)

Thanks for your help

Never had that issue back in the days of flash mx. Try saving the image in a different format, make sure it’s not a particular image and the size is reasonable.

Thanks East. I’ve tried various formats various images, and they are all quite small - just text. The only way I’ve managed so far is to save and close Flash after every import then re-starting Flash and reopening the document. I can then import a second image.

I can probably survive like this until I can afford to update Flash , but it’s a huge pain!

I think fireworks can embed extra metadata into image files (e.g in flash cs5 I can import a png that still has editable text)
Might be worth trying something other than fireworks to save your images.

Brilliant! I used Photoshop, and so far it’s working! Thanks so much, I’ll keep you informed.