Flash calendar timeline actionscript

Hello. i’m trying to make a calendar template but i don’t know what to do to accomplish what i want so please help me with a tip or advise . this is what i wanna do : to create a line showing days of the month (1-31) and beneath it , boxex, each one to corresponds to each day of the month . like when i click on “day 12” for example…the box that corresponds to that day …to appear in front with a bit of zoom…and when i click another day . this box to go back and the new one to show up in front like the one before. i hope u can understand . here is a link with the exact thing i want to do : Bahrain protesters reclaim central square - World news - Mideast/N. Africa - msnbc.com > u have to go at the bottom at the page and click Show More Intereactives . adn it’s called : Timeline: Recent Middle East unrest . .please respond. thank you. i started using flash 2 months ago …so i’m new and not very good at it! thanks! please help.