Flash and HTML splash page 2012?

I have a good flash website. I want to create a new website using css and html. However, I want the viewers to know there are two versions of my website. Does anyone have a good idea on how to let the viewer know of the choice in 2012 without making it look like a 2000 splash page that says flash or html?

I think its Good Idea to have A website With CSS and HTML , as Flash use Suggested to minimum . Flash Websites are not Read by Search engines and that affect in Search ranking for website also increases the Load Time For website .Search engines Crawls for HTML content and that benefits in marketing with Website .

Flash is relatively old technology now. Are you sure you want to keep it? If it were me, I would drop the flash site and move over to HTML/CSS completely. This will eliminate the need for a splash page.

I personally would put all of my efforts into just maintaining a high quality HTML/CSS site, instead of having to maintain two separate websites (seems like a lot of extra work).

I’m certainly no expert in Flash, but there are flash detection scripts out there – could you just detect whether they have flash enabled, and if so, load the flash version, if not, send them to the normal site? Alternatively, you could just load the normal site with a fairly prominent link in the header for the flash site (I honestly wouldn’t expect too many people to click on this however, if the HTML site is meeting their needs).