FIxed Width vs Liquid Layouts

What is the better approach for layout of web pages
Fixed Width Layouts or Liquid Layouts? does it depend
on preference or is one greater than the other?

Fisxed width layouts are ancient history - the keyword now is RESPONSIVE layout - one that adapts to widths from 300px to 3000px and beyond

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This is a no-brainer. Fixed size makes no sense in this age of diverse web-enabled devices.
You may as well open a shoe shop that only sells size 10, then wonder why you have so few satisfied customers.


haha ok

That isn’t just about adding a ton of media queries to cope with every device, but as you said “liquid” or “fluid”, that means it will squash and stretch to any size when you re-size your browser window. If you get that right, you will only need a minimal number of media queries.

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