Fixed .png element in CSS (Cargo2 Template)

I’m using the Solo template on Cargo Collective 2. I got the size of my logo to be the size I want on the Desktop version but when I switch to Mobile, it proportionally shrinks within the allotted space and makes it very tiny. I’d like to either change the min-proportions of the logo so that it doesn’t shrink when in Mobile or edit the size independently in Mobile CSS. I’m very much a beginner here so I’m not sure if either of those are the best way to go about this. (Please see video for specific info)

Thank you in advance!


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Without knowing what you are talking about (I have no idea what the Solo template or Cargo Collective 2 are, and there is no link to a video), it sounds to me like you have not learned to use the tools your have chosen for your site. We are glad to help you with specific problems, but it would not be very fruitful for us to learn your tools for you.

Have you taken a basic HTML and CSS course? If not, I highly recommend it.

Can you post a link to your test site?

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