Fixed background?

how come my background doesn’t seem to be fixed?


You might want to set it to “fixed”…

style.css (line 1)

body {
    background: url("../images/back.jpg") no-repeat [color=red]scroll[/color] center top transparent;

tried that and doesn’t seem to work
heres the body tag
body {
background:url(…/images/back.jpg) top center no-repeat scroll;

Try this:

body	{ 
    background:url(../images/back.jpg) top center no-repeat scroll; 
    [color=red]background-position:fixed;[/color]    /* delete me */
    [color=blue]background-attachment:fixed;[/color]    /* add me */

Or use the code in post #2 and delete the background-position line. :slight_smile: