Fixed background q?

I’ve learned how to fix a background image but what I’m trying to do is also fix an image placed overtop. It’s for a contact page and I’d like to link a ‘mailto:’ image overtop but have it also fix with the background. I assume my only other options would be either to create an html page with a slice - not use it as a rollover but just an email link if that’s possible, or to see if there is a way to create a slice of some sort directly in Dreamweaver from a flat background image. Please see link below if anyone has any insight and go to ‘contact’.

Your help is appreciated!


If you want the image to be a clickable link, it needs to be part of the content, included with an <img> tag - that will be much easier to implement than making it a background image.

ok thanks - forgive me I’m a bit of a noob, so currently it’s included in an ap div, I can’t seem to layer it on top of the background as an image. Care to expand a little further as to how I would go about doing this? Thanks a ton!


This would be subject to circumstances but you could place an absolute positioned anchor on top of where it’s supposed to be clickable, although as stevie suggests you could need to have that mailto: image as an <img> and have an <a>nchor wrapped around the image to make it clickable :slight_smile: