Fixed / absolute div positions in IE6


I curently use a stu nicholls layout for a fixed header and a scrollable content. I have mainly two problems. One is the well-known drop-down select boxes which they want to show up everywhere in IE6 :injured: I tried to fix this with an iFrame, with no luck :sick: Any help on this issue would be appreciated.
The 2nd problem is that due to the “fixed” position of the scrolling div I am not able to get the scrollbar event fired when the user scrolls the page. Again no luck :sick:

The code I use is attached in the .txt file

Again … any help with these two problems would be much appreciated!

You’re probably going to hate this answer. But why don’t you just forget about ie6. Recently a lot of the big name sites are dropping ie6 support. I think it is a waste of time trying to hack your code to make one outdated, crusty browser work. If the client is running >=ie7, maybe you should consider leaving ie6 behind.


Hi takayuki!

I am not able to leave IE6 now. Thus I must find a hack :mad: