Fix header in iframe HTML document

Hey all could use some help again:eek:,
working on a site that has two iframes that scroll up and down. By selecting the items in the ‘display’ frame you insert a row into ‘register’ frame bellow. The ‘register’ frame bellow ‘display’ only shows two rows. One the fixed ‘header’. The other row[0] as all inserted rows are inserted at [0] index. I had it working fine with the CSS heights written in pixels but when I changed height to % percentages the fixed ‘header’ covers the row[0] while only ocupying half the ‘register’ window. I can only see
row[1], row[0] is covered by the fixed ‘header’. I did not use any cloneing to achieve this with pixel heights in the CSS.
‘register’ iframe contains ‘checkout.html’ with these divs
1.content(contains all)
2.welcome(inside content outside others)
3.checkoutcontainer(under welcome contains tablecontainer)
4.tablecontainer(contains form around table and other divs)
The ‘tablecontainer’ height is set at 98% while the tables height is not set. it only has a width of 100%.
I’ve never cloned a header to fix it’s position. the ‘header’ position isrelative top 0% left0% and once the ‘welcome’ div display style is set to none tbody style posTop should get the table to drop but it dosen’t and
row[0] is still covered by the fixed ‘header’.
Any help would be greatly appreciated:o.