First website not working

I have finally produced my first ever home page, I have now added it to my host but when I go the website it appears broken. All this is very new to me and it is the first time I have used ftp or used a host or bought a domain so I am not sure where I am going wrong.

When I open the index.html from my computer with firefox it all looks how I want it. I have then copied all the files across to my host but when I go to the site it looks as though the index.html file has completley changed and none of the files are linking either to the style sheet or to images.

As anybody got any advice? Oh I guess a link to the site ay help Thanks.

I saw you have a stylesheet for main styles and for nav. Some people frown upon multiple stylesheet links if not needed.

Good idea, hadn’t thought about doing that

There is nothing that says you can’t have a stylesheet for layout, nav, and tags, it is just practice to shove all in one. You can use comments to seperate sections

/*** Blah blah blah ****/

Cheers Donboe really appreciate that (hope you like the nav bar as it is 80% yours :)) My understanding is that the images from BigStock are royalty free, but not 100% on that.

I wonder if you can’t find any royalty free pictures, I’m sure there must be plenty around for your website.

Looks nice by the way

Donboe - Thanks for that I’ll add it to my list of image sites, by free I assume you just mean just royalty free or do you mean totally free. I am trying to get the images for this site totally free (ie in terms of both free from royalty and initial payment - if that makes sense) I got an offer from Bigstock for five free credits for totally free images which I am going to be using.

rguy84 - Cheers for that, much appreciated, there is another thread I set up where I have asked for input about my coding issues as I have cobbled a lot of it together together myself and that is one of the things that has been mentioned.

You should be ok but get them paid for asap as the site is out there for anyone to see. leaving the watermark on may give you a bit of leeway but make it priority.

For the off topic tags, use : [ot][/ot]

looks good, be sure to pay the proper license for those images though!

Off Topic:

by 'eck, tha’s just o’er moors from me :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! One more thing, though: if, for any reason, those fonts don’t load, the browser will revert to its own default font. Since your font is sans-serif, you might want to add sans-serif to the end of you font family declarations, as otherwise the default might be a serif font. (That’s what was happening for me before you got the fonts working.)

Good idea I’ll sort the default font so that the site still works even if @fontface doesn’t. Thanks again for all your help

Woohoo I am a div. I had put the folder somewhere else then when I realised and put it back I left it in uppercase. Who would have thought uppercase/lowercase would cause so much heartache, that is one lesson definitely learnt. Thanks again Ralph it is now 100% how I want it (well other than all my text is now in lowercase but I think I’ll go to bed and sort that in the morning) :smiley:

Thanks for that I’ll do it tonight.

Ooh just thought about that, it has been worrying me as well, my brain didn’t click in. Could I get into trouble for the fact they have been a up a day or so, the ones i have chosen I wil be getting them officially anyway as I have a five image credit from Bigstockphoto.

**Off Topic

Aye I have noticed a few notherners on ere, salt of the earth!

By The way how do you do the off topic bit?**


I think the paths to your fonts may be wrong. At the moment, the style sheet is trying to find them in a folder called /font/, but that folder doesn’t seem to exist.

Nav Bar look great :wink: but you made it. Have a look here as well Punchstock and so are there many sites where you can use images for free up until certain dimensions

Thanks for that Ralph much appreciated, it is now 95% working just something wrong with the @fontface that I am using but not sure if this is a different problem or linked to the same thing.

Firstly, rename Index.html to index.html. It’s best to avoid capital letters in urls altogether, but in the case of the index file, it’s critical. An though you’ve called you images folder /Images/, you are referencing it with /images/ in your files. Again, the names have to match exactly.

Good idea also trying a blog is easy with Fantastico.