First time with Photoshop splices

I have been trying out to make a complete web site with Photoshop splices for the first time.
A lot of work with the design and everything is on my desktop building slowly.
On a couple of pages I would like to use database files, but not sure how to make them look good.
All the text I have now is made in Photoshop and not supposed to be updated that often.
The text is placed on a little transparency block on top of the background image.

The whole page is centered on the area and everything outside is black.
I made a table containing the main site and I have a vertical menu on the left side.
The main area is different text parts, depending on what menu button you click.
But on some pages I like to have text from my database.

What is the best way to put this text onto my background/transparency image so it will be placed where the rest of the page is.
I tried to make a table with three columns, with the complete table the same width as my web site (980 px).
Then I entered the first column the same with as the left menu and a couple of pixels more (width 210 px) to end up with the second column where I want the text to end up (width 450 px). And the third column I had set to the rest (width 320 px).

I thought that might work when having that table centered.
But, when trying out the page in my browser, the whole table is moving and not placed where the rest of the page is.

Maybe nobody understand what I’m talking about, but I don’t have a page ready to show. That’s why I’m using words to try to find some help. I hope someone out here understand what I’m talking about.

Sorry, it should be slices (not splices).

I solved it!. I removed the image slice where the text from the database is supposed to end up. Then entered text and did set a background image in the css in that area instead.

Yes, CSS background images are better than slices, which are more a thing of the past—from the table layout days. Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: