First-party cookie

Hi guys,

I’m trying to figure something out - I’m not a sophisticated developer and only know things from a very high level.

I have a client who wants to drop a first-party cookie from their website that contains a segment e.g. shoe lovers.

They want their partner websites to be able to access this cookie value so that when they go to one of their websites they can tailor the experience based upon that.

I believe that you can only access first-party cookies from the domain it was set and to get around this you could use a third-party cookie. If so, can someone explain how the process works (again at a very high-level if possible)?

Is there any other way to get this data other than a cookie value?

The main reason I ask is that their recommendation engine requires either a first-party cookie or from a data object etc.

Just trying to look for options at this stage!

Thanks in advance.


Cookies are only available on the domain or sub domains if configured in that way. There would be no way for the the third party website to access cookie created on your website unless the other website is on the same domain or sub domain.