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I have been passed on an article about First Link Priority by my boss.

In summary, this is what it is about:

According to Leslie Rohde:
“The First Link Priority rule states that when a page links more than once to the same target page, Google will completely ignore all links after the first, often with negative SEO consequences.”

Unfortunately, much of the advice my boss receives is from large marketing companies which often have self interest and confuse by their sensationalism in order to get you to jump through the hoops they want you to.

I have never heard of this, so I am putting it out there and asking sources which I trust to help me to discern the truth.

Is this the real deal?



One of the reasons for my question is that many websites have the same link on their logo in the top left that they do on their “home” button.

If this is true, it is a pain in the butt!

It has no affect if you have multiple links linking to “home” none.
it has no affect if you have multiple links linking to another page on your site.

Link priority word is new for me. I also want to know what is exact link priority

Certain SEO companies have run tests with different anchor text pointing to the same page and have found that sometimes the anchor text for the first link on the page gets picked up and second one does not. None of their results have ever been confirmed or proved though. As far as I know no search engine has ever responded one way or another about whether they only count the first link and ignore the others. Regardless of whether they ignore the additional links or not, there is no negative impact to having multiple links to the same page.

If you think about it theoretically though, then it does bring up an interesting argument regarding passing pagerank. If you have multiple links to the same page then if they are all counted then in theory that page should have more pagerank flowing to it and the other pages linked to would receive less. Either way I would not worry about it unless you had lots of links (5 or 10 plus) going to the same page.

There is no point in linking to same page again and again… I think its link spamming. One or two duplicate links are acceptable… If duplicate links are not harming your website, there is no gain either.

Link Priority mean Give right words Priority in you article.