Fireworks: resize image so shortest side is set, maintaining aspect ratio

This isn’t the easiest problem to describe (never mind solve) which is why I’m not having much luck Googling it…

I have a folder full of photos that I wish to thumbnail. These photos vary vastly in dimensions; some are fat, some are thin, some tall, some short, etc, etc, etc. What I wish to do is create a batch script in Fireworks that will take an image and output a fairly decent thumbnail.

Let’s say I want to make 100100 thumbs. First I would resize the image so that the shortest side is 100; maintaining the aspect ratio would set the other side to whatever. I would then crop the image 100100, maybe from the top, who knows – that’s not the issue here.

My issue is, how can I tell Fireworks to resize with the shortest side? I have tried several different ways, and created scripts using the history panel, but it always ends up with a load of images that have edges that are shorter than 100 pixels.

Any ideas?

There are other programs out there (some free) that do this resizing for you. Are you on Mac or PC?

I’m aware of this, but they tend to be horrible shareware type programs, and generally I’m after something cleaner/mroe professional.

I work on Ubuntu - but with a MacBook for personal and Windows for testing (installs of Fireworks/Photoshop on OSX and Windows), so there’s plenty of choice in that matter.

I am almost tempted to just write a PHP script to do it for me - would be very simple - just thought that surely someone would have had this problem before, and a graphics tool such as Fireworks or Photoshop should surely allow you to do something like this?

I needed to do this too last year, and tried and failed to get anything useful out of Ps. It sort of has these features, but in practice, I found it to be very limited in what it could do and ultimately useless. (Can’t speak for Fw, though.) I’d be interested too if anyone has found a way with Ps or Fw.