Fireworks - How to divide a circle in n parts

I need colorize each part of circle with one color.
The parts are like a piece of cake.

Divide a circle in 2 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 - or 24 equal parts is easy.
Each part has a angle that is a multiple of 15 degrees.
This angle you can draw by rotating (skew) while hiting down the Shift key.

But, how to divide a circle in n parts? e.g. 20 parts i’ll need draw the angle=360/20 => 18 degrees. (and for any n)
I’ve tryied combining circles and stars and try others ways but can’t figure it out.
Is there a way to achieve this?

Hi Maujor,

there is a cheaty way to do this: draw your circle, then draw a star with n+1 sides and angle = 1 on top of it (roughly the same size). Align both horizaontally and vertically, then punch the star out of the circle. You will then have to Modify > Combine Paths > Split the composite path into segments.

Many thanks Hooperman,
This works fine.
I was trying with the star shape and didn’t had the insight to use the star polygon. :slight_smile:
The star should have n sides (not n+1) to divide the circle in n parts.

Glad that worked for you!

There is another option if you have FW8: use the Pie Auto Shape. If you add a Pie from the Auto Shape panel you can alt-drag on one of the circumference points to create a new segment - keep doing that til you have enough segments. Use the segment panel to accurately specify the angles for each segment. You can then select each segment with the subselection tool to colour differently.

Great again Hooperman,
I’ve tested in both, FW MX2004 and FW8.
The Auto Shape Property panel in FW8 was indeed a big improvement for this issue.

Use the Pie Chart AutoShape. If you are using Fireworks 8, open the “Autoshape Properties” panel and in the “Insert Autoshape” drop down menu, select “Pie”.

Once you have your Pie shape on the canvas it will be filled with the default fill color and wil have the default stroke. Modify those settings if you want. The default Pie shape has only 2 divisions (3/4 - 1/4). To subdivide it further, press Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) and drag one of the yellow control points on the perimeter of the shape. Repeat as needed. Clicking the center point will reser the shape.

Now, notice as you Alt-Cloick and drag to add divisions how new numbers get added in the “Segments” list box in the AutoShape Properties Panel you opened earlier. You can use those to numerically and precisely edit the angle values of each subdivision lines (0 is at the top, 90 is at 3 o’clock).

Once you have added and adjusted all the divisions you want, switch to the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) and select each slice in turn to change its color. Once you switch back to the Black Arrow Tool, you’ll see that the shape is still an editable Pie AutoShape.

HTH! :smiley:

I’m sorry I hadn’t seen the other post recommending the same method I just described…

Hello HTH,

I’m sorry I hadn’t seen the other post recommending the same method I just described…

No problems,
Many thanks for your kindness in describe “step by step” the method.
It will be useful for others readers with the same question.