FireFox VS Chrome

I have both browsers installed in my PC but I like Firefox a lot than Chrome.

I am also a huge fan of firefox.but i dont know about the bad site of google chrome

i am also using fire fox, because i need to open 7 to 10 tabs for linkbulding and chore is slow then fox.

Like what others are saying, I think Firefox does not handle simultaneous tabs well. When I open 20 or more tabs on firefox (which doesn’t really happen that much) it does not handle those tabs well. Chrome does it smoothly.

I am always using firefox, but just latley its been a bit laggy. Anybody else seen this?

Any other responses that simply state “I use X” or the like will be fluffed and this thread will be closed. Please answer the persons question:

Why do people use Chrome? I’m still a huge FireFox fan. What is the real advantages to move to Chrome.

He didn’t ask what browser you use.

Both are good browsers.Google chrome is good for browsing.As a web developer point of view Mozilla FireFox is the best browser.Since it has a lots addons which is very much helpfull for developing websites.Most usefull add-ons for web developers are Firebug,Html Ruby,web developer.

I think any version of Google Chrome except the last one is good for browsing but the last update made the Chrome really slow when opening pages. Maybe only i have such problems, i don’t know.

People is moving firefox to chrome because.Chrome are much faster then firefox

Firefox is slower in processing JavaScript that’s people are going to use Google Chrome.

According to them, version 19 is faster than Chrome… but I haven’t tested it myself. This is just a video that I recalled watching somewhere

google chrome: faster, more organized and simpler, smoother moving/dragging around tabs and etc,
firefox: more secure(thats what most people say), has skins, saving tab popup when your about to close firefox(but chrome can do it with a extension too)

Thanks guys. Based on everything posted on this thread I feel I have no need to be trendy and move to chrome. It sounds like firefox is still a valid and solid browser.

IMHO, Both of them is excellent. However in terms of performance I think google chrome is the best. So I will go for chrome.

Same GOES with me, enough good reason

I use them both because they both have their qualities and shortcomings. But firefox tends to slow down my computer sometimes.

I know people who like using FireFox for the reason that it’s fast. I am using FireFox sometimes I use chorome but If I compare both I will definitely go for FireFox.

Mozilla Firefox is better than Google chrome. Menu bar are found in Mozilla firefox but Google Chrome is found it. [/B][/B]

Chrome is faster to load. It used to be Firefox that is mostly used before Chrome was born. Then it got slow (for some reasons) while that of Google’s become faster. This what people needs: Fast connection, fast download. For SEO, FireFox is ideal since it got a lot of plug-ins and features to be taken advantage of.

I use Chrome but i miss Firefox. My computer is crap at the moment and FF ran slow on it, so i changed to chrome, now chrome runs slow too. Now i just want to buy a mac and get rid of windows. I spent 1,000£ on this high spec laptop but is pretty crap 2 years down the line. Could have bought a mac with that money i suppose.