Firefox Resets/Reloads Javascript-Resized Flash Embed

I have a flash video player and i’ve recently added a javascript function that expands the element’s width and height.

It works great, except for one thing. Firefox! While IE has the video expand and keep playing, Firefox reloads the flash entirely, causing it to restart.

Is there a way around this? Right now I’m just doing:


There is a height line too that I didn’t include.

What’s the fix?


This is a dom/javascript question rather than a flash one, you might be better asking in those forums.


Well, just in case someone with the same question ever finds this. I figured it out.

Firefox has had this bug since beginning of time, including other Moz products. Resets the flash if the container div or style attributes of the object is changed in any way; but for some reason the width/height built into object are okay to change.

While most threads you read on this will say “impossible” for Firefox, I did find a workaround. You can change the width/height of the embed/object with java and then allow the containing folder to allow overflow.