Firefox reader view requirements

On one of my websites running in Firefox, some pages offer reader view, some don’t. I have tried to find out what makes a page suitable for reader view but without success. Can anyone enlighten me?

Maybe this helps.

Thanks squire. I appreciate that, although it looks as clear as mud!

I’ve seen the same thing. I was thinking (not yet read the link above) It may be the presence of an article tag, or something to clearly identify the main content (I’ve not used the main tag yet, IE9 doesn’t like it.)

It looks as though FF doesn’t “bother” to offer reader view if the page is simple enough already. One or two of the pages that don’t offer reader view contain only divs and paragraphs.

Safari has a similar feature. It only appears if the content looks like an article or blog post (in my limited experience with it). If you like that layout and want that experience for your site visitors, my suggestion would be to design your site like that anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking some of my pages were “missing” something by not being available in reader view, but I think not after all!

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