Firefox does not let me see Flash

All of a sudden Firefox does not allow me to view Flash online. I do recall downloading something that said “fireworks flash plug in.” I hope it wasn’t a virus. I just upgraded my Fireworks to 3.6 but it still won’t let me view it.
On the bottom of my fireworks browser it has Scripts Current Forbidden…" Not sure what that’s all about. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

I’d remove your Flash Player plug-in for Firefox, and then download a new one from Adobe and reinstall it.

If it still doesn’t work, how about uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling it again?

Or, IE8 has a “reset browser” function which sets everything back to default, but doesn’t uninstall plug-ins I don’t think. Does Firefox have a similar feature?

I found out why Flash was not showing up. I had an Addon called Script1.9.9.42. It was stopping the flash plug in from running. I disabled it and now my flash is running again.