Firefox causing trouble with linked image thumbnail

I have a strange problem:
firefox adds a margin:5px property to the first linked image in a row. Others render fine.

You can check the example here:

I’m using ff 3.6.13

what might cause this problem?
Also, can you check does the menu act strange?

It all woked fine on my localhost :eek:

You mean this line:

.prevnext a, a:active, a:visited {
    color: #333333;
    display: block;
    [b]margin: 5px;[/b]


Yes, that helped, but how the hell did it get connected to the images in the .recent-entry div?

Those images are wrapped in <a>s.

Yes, but i declared it for the <a>s in the .prevnext div?

Your selector in the CSS declaration in question, is a grouping selector. Meaning it applies to:

  • <a>s in a container with class=“prevnext”
  • <a>s that are active
  • <a>s that are visited

If you wanted to address only the <a>s in the container element having class=“prevnext”, your selector should be shorten down to:

.prevnext a {

If your intent was to address different states of the <a>s in the container element having class=“prevnext”, your grouping combined selectors should look like this:

.prevnext a, .prevnext a:active, .prevnext a:visited {

Wow, this is a facepalm for me :D. I was in a rush, so i missed to write .prevnext for all.
But the worst part is i didn’t even see it now.

Huh, funny how simple and most stupid code errors can give you a headache.
Anyway, thank you for your help :smiley: Very appreciated!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: