Firefox addon (own) is corrupted

Hey everyone,

After some help I started writing an addon for Firefox. Untill this point the script is working fine.

In the test fase it is working. But when I try to install it I get this:

It is saying that the package is damaged.
When I look in my manifest you can see this:

    "manifest_version": 2,
    "name": "Tinderbot",
    "version": "1.0",
    "permissions": [
    "description": "Tinder script by Daan.",
    "icons": {
      "48": "icons/love-icon.png"
    "content_scripts": [
        "matches": ["*://*"],
        "js": ["daans-tinder-script.js"]

(Wrote a tinder bot ^^, yes).

I zipped everything so it looks like this:

I also did about:configxpinstall.signatures.required → to false.
Sourcecode is pretty easy to write after (Writing Firefox plugin that clicks a button every x time - #10 by James_Hibbard). But why can’t I install the package? I know it is not signed

If you just want to automatically click on every tinder image (shudder) then I’m sure that there are easier ways than writing a plugin.

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You renamed your extension to have an .xpi file name, right?

Well I probably forgot that part. I will update later :). @Paul_Wilkins I know, but Fun.

Don’t seem to fix the problem :confused: is there something else I can do to debug it?

Zip up your code and upload it here if you like.

I have send you a PM with the file in it :slight_smile:

I think it is something to do with the way you are packaging your code.

I took what you sent me via PM and replaced:

"matches": ["*://*"],


"matches": ["*://**"],

so that I could test it without going near Tinder.

I confirmed the extension worked, then zipped up the files using the command line:

zip -r extension.xpi *

And could install the extension as expected.

Would you like me to upload the resultant XPI file to this thread?

Yes that is fine

Here ya go. (3.7 KB)

Don’t unpack this. Just change its file extension to .xpi (so the entire file should be called extension.xpi) and then try to install it.

Don’t forget I changed things so that it works on sites.

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