Firefox 7 Print Preview for PDFs

I’m getting a blank page in Firefox when I click Print Preview on a PDF (just the title and the URL show up at the top of the page). I’m running Firefox 7.0.1 in Windows Vista… Yet webpages preview fine in Print Preview?

Is the lack of PDF previewing a glitch in Firefox 7 and is there an expected update for it?

Update: it seems that printing PDFs from Print Preview in Firefox 7 just shows the Title and URL at the top of the page too…


Might be this bug though they don’t state what you get with actual printing.

Similarly there are people who’ve noticed printing has absurd top margins that pretty much push all the content off the page.

Do any of the suggestions on this page help? They appear to have helped some people but not others, and they are not all PDF-specific. Basically Mozilla claims printing and print-previewing of PDFs is controlled by Adobe not Mozilla. If I read that right. Nevertheless IE will print them fine.