FireFox 3.6 New Tabs Changes

Has anyone else noticed the changes in Firefox 3.6 as to how new tabs open then you select open in new tab. Sometimes when the “New Posts” bit of this site doesn’t pick up posts i’ve not read properly. I goto the forums index page and open a new tab for each forum that i’m interested in. Any posts that i’m intrested in I open in a new tab, now here’s where they’ve changed it.

Before: The new tab would open at the far right, i would close the tabs with the forum in in turn, leaving just the tabs with the threads in. It would be all forum tabs on the left and all thread tabs on the right.

Now: The new tab still opens but next to the tab that it was opened from so I end up with a forum tab then a couple of thread tabs, then another forum tab then a couple of thread tabs and so on.

I prefer the older way. Anyone else not like that change?

I like the new way. But, after typing in “tabs” in the filter box in about:config, there’s a solution:

set browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent to false