Firefox 23 Removes Option to Disable Javascript

Do you think this a positive or negative change? Should other browsers follow this example?

That just guarantees that it would never get adopted by federal agencies (or at least it used to - one of the key security features for a “secure” browser used to be that the user had to be able to disable javascript, and on some machines it was enforced by security policy).

There are a number of reasons why people disable javascript, and not just for security. Just for bandwidth requirements, as there is still a significant part of the world, and even in the US, which doesn’t have the bandwidth capabilities for all the JQuery/Ajaxy/Web2.0-ey/all the other hooey-philloey. A friend of mine lives less than ten minutes from me, and can only get 14.4KB/sec speeds on good days. He lives just far enough out frin the population that the cable and phone companies won’t upgrade his area, and living in a valley, there’s no satellite capability (if he could afford it).

I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind the decision, short of laziness…

There are actually more reasons for disabling JavaScript in Firefox than there are in other browsers - given how much more slowly many of the commands run in that browser.

Force Flow,

This is an interesting development. When it comes to features like this, I think users should be given the choice rather than be forced into using it one way or another. That being said, its their browser and it is free so its not like people can complain too much, especially when there are other options out there.

I think a more interesting topic is how they made third party cookies disabled by default,



I think that’s an appalling and utterly stupid thing to do. I would not want to use a browser that didn’t allow me to disable Javascript, because I have come across too many instances of sites where the scripts were maliciously or negligently coded and disabling JS was the only way to be able to access the site.

Note to self - must disable automatic updates on Firefox when I get home (not that I use it much anyway, but it’s good to make the point).

It’s a crazy decision. Hopefully the dev tools will still make it possible to disable JS.

Thanks for mentioning the “Note to self”. I have now done so.

Wonder if “No Script” will still be able to block JavaScript.