Firebug-like tool for diagnosing print styles?

I have a large, complex site in a CMS; the stylesheets are running 1300 lines or more (although that many lines won’t be applied to each page!). I am having a problem with print styles; page content is rendering in print in IE8/9, but not in Firefox (and I haven’t checked Webkit browsers yet). I’ve tried randomly inserting visibility rules with no luck. Does anyone know of a Firebug-like tool that can diagnose print styles? Or, maybe a way to use Firebug itself? TIA!

You could temporarily set the print stylesheet as your desktop stylesheet, I guess. How are you linking to your print stylesheet? Is your main style sheet served to all media, or just “screen, projection, tv”?

If you have the web developer toolbar installed, you can go to[LEFT] CSS -> Display CSS by media type -> Print.[/LEFT]

Thanks guys, good suggestions! I’m still not out of the woods; with the Web Developer toolbar displaying print style, the entire page renders, but Firefox print preview only gives me my top navigation–which is set to a .noprint class to begin with! =8-O I did also take up the suggestion to explicitly serve up @media styles for screen and print. <sigh> The battle continues…

Feel free to post a link if you want us to take a look. :slight_smile: