Finished designing my site now and I want to upload it to the internet now

hi friends, I just finished developing my 1st website which I want to upload to the internet now but am not that clear of how to do it now.

  1. Things I wanna know is where I put the codes so that it wont be hack
  2. What are the things I need to provide the host and things like that

No site/app will ever be 100% hack-proof. However, you can do things to guard against XSS attacks, and (if you allow users to use a form to register or post) SQL-injections. WHERE you put the code has little impact (unless you’re putting something above the webroot, like a file for encryption keys; but, even then, there’s no 100% sure-fire way to protect that.)

The hosting company will tell you where to upload your site so that it will be publicly accessible. Usually this is into a directory (folder) called www or public_html. You can’t change the location, or your files won’t be visible on the internet. To prevent hacking, there are other steps you need to take, such as changing the default passwords on your account, and always using strong passwords.

You don’t normally need to provide your hosting company with anything. Once you’ve chosen and paid for your hosting package, you should receive an e-mail with all the information you require, and then it’s up to you to upload your site -usually via FTP.

Expanding a bit the reply by @TechnoBear ; You will of course need a domain name and it makes things easier if you get the domain name from the same people who are doing the hosting as they will set every thing up.

You are not restricted to get the domain name from the company that are doing the hosting but then you will have another step. The hosts should provide you with some DNS settings which could be something like:

You then need to put these into the relevant boxes in your control panel provided by the company you brought your domain name from; on their website. Depending who you brought the domain name from they might be helpful and do it for you.

But whatever path you take if you have a problem come back and ask a question.

You say " developing my 1st website " Is this a CMS; if so you will probably need to setup the database etc. as well