Fine Craft Photography in 3-D

Any ideas for how to make my and other artist’s work really jump out from the screen? I’ve done about all I can with close-ups, etc. and was hoping that by now there would be more available for this type of thing. I only have Photoshop Elements 6 but would upgrade if I needed to.

If you are posting in a combined gallery of other artists work and want to stand above the crowd so-to-speak I would think of doing something like:

  • develop a distinctive style for your photos (eg, same background, presence of some icon or branding etc)
  • ensure you have good lighting
  • use the lighting to emphasise the material you are working with (eg, glass - make sure the reflections are in the right place to emphasise form, use diffused lighting, use a consistent lighting/position for all pieces)
  • ensure you understand your camera+lens so you get nice sharp shots.

They’re just some ideas but really the photos you posted are pretty good examples already. Multiple angles and showing the product in context will also help if you are looking to sell. Sometimes a sense of scale may also help. I think with some of these they would benefit by showing a different angle to allow a little more dimensionality rather than straight-on pics.

I can happily say I’ve seen far worse than these so you’re already ahead of the curve :slight_smile:

Are you asking about photographic techniques here, or about how to create photo gallery functionality on a website? If the latter, there are lots of nice free galleries you can place on a website to make the photos ‘jump out’—kind of like what happens when you click on the pictures you posted above.

I have received many positive comments about the photos of my glass art.
It is a matter of ‘guiding’ the viewer’s eye to the central point of focus (point of interest).
I use depth-of-field a lot due to the small size of the pieces.
It can also be done with lighting or a careful choice of background.

Post some of your photos so we can have a look ?

Here are a few of my own pieces…but I am working with glass, wood, and pottery artists, as well.

These are amazing pieces.