Fine Art Stock Photos

I have a client that is looking for old artwork for use in her website design. She likes fine art like that shown on this site,, but is looking for something not so pricey. Does anyone have resources to help?

Thank you!


It depends, if you wanted stock photography (which may include images of fine art or hand drawn computer based art) then yes (Places to look include iStockPhoto), however if you actually want some high quality images of exclusive fine art then you’ll probably need to shell out the money to get what you’re after. :slight_smile:

I would think that a lot of independent artists would be flattered if you ask them to use some of their work in your design. Just cruise around the web looking for fine artist portfolios, and contact a few. I’m willing to bet there will be many who would be interested in donating some artwork (in exchange for a link or something).

I definitely like the idea of using independent artists for this. I would suggest looking at and contacting artists on there that have artwork that works for your client.