Finding the Right Local Words?

is there a tool to find the correct word for an item by country or region?

I’m working on a site that will be marketing products globally. We’re localizing the content by language and (to the degree possible) by region. So even our English version will have slightly different content for US English, GB English, etc. This will be even more targeted in the adverting (AdWords, etc.)

I’ve run into a bit of an issue, however. The product (temporary structures) are called a “pavilion” in the US, a “marquee” in the UK. By using country-specific versions of Google, and doing a lot of digging, I’ve been able to find out what term other countries use. But not many.

Is there some sort of tool that we can use to find out what variations are used in what areas?

I don’t want to be selling bubblers in Alabama (bonus points to anyone who understands that reference). :smiley:

You are generally looking for synonyms keywords by Country. Well I prefer Google Keyword Planner but you already tried that. In that case you can use WordTracker or SEMrush to identify what local keywords your competitor using for promotion.

Below are some specific tips you can try in KP (Keyword Planner), if you haven’t try yet.

  1. In KP select the region first & then select the category that perfectly match your product. You will find popular search by visitor in that region.

  2. Make the keyword search Broad, to find the more relevant keywords.

  3. Select the low search keywords from the table. (Not sure about this but you can try)

  4. Use Google trend to find what keywords terms are actually trending in that place.

Hope this will help … :smile:

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That helps.

We don’t have AdWords set up yet (that’s on the schedule), so I don’t have access to Keyword Planner. That’s something I’ll definitely take advantage of when I get to that point, however.

I hadn’t thought about Google Trends. See… it’s often the simple things that get missed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll check out WordTracker and SEMRush, too. Thanks.

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