Finding the CSS forum

The main index of forums is located at and it can be reached by going to and clicking on Forums, but that index list does not seem to include the CSS forum.

Jim Adrian

Ah. I’ve never used that page to go to forums, I use that page to go to featured threads or quick overview what’s new.

So, bad SitePoint, bad! Those subs should appear by default, and Javascript should hide them for people who feel they need cute garbage on their pages.

This is why I hate Javascript. It makes developers write as if everyone has it.

I usually go to the breadcrumb “Forum Index” where the sub-forums are hard enough to see (with my old specs anyway).

But if you go to the top nav bar “Forums” you’ll see

Unfortunately, it seems the “little +” do NOT open the content if javascript is disabled - but link to “#top” instead - essentially doing nothing.

Good lord, there are + buttons??

I never knew! So all the subforums are hidden by default?? No wonder people keep posting HTML or CSS-specific stuff in the general Web Design forum!!

The mystery is solve. Thanks everybody.

Jim Adrian

It’s there, but it’s a sub-forum of Web Page Design, so you would need to expand the view by selecting the button.

It can be found at:

Forum Index > Design Your Site > Web Page Design > CSS