Finding SSI on a website

Hello All:

I have been given the task to update footer links on my company’s website, however. I do not have access to that part of the page.

Assuming that the page has SSI, in HTML or PHP, is there a way to definitively know this or find out what the file name of the include is?

Thanks for any help or advice on the matter,


There are three ways I can think of to find out what the name of a file called by SSI is:

  1. to have access to the source files as they exist on the server, or
  2. keep guessing things like “footer.htm”, “boilerplate.htm” and so on until you get it right, or
  3. ask someone who has 1.

I realise these may not be all that helpful.


Thanks Steve for the help. I realize this was a shot in the dark asking this here but I just wanted to make sure there was no trick that I could use to figure this out.

Thanks again,


Paul, are you trying to update the page via a CMS? if so, there might be a place to edit the template, depending on the CMS of course.

Nope. I wish this way I would at least know where to look.